How To Use - Logic Pro X Beginner Level 2 / 538

Logic Pro X Beginner Level 2

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nice begin !

Very informative, and great place to continue from the previous incarnations :slight_smile:


Samples don’t contain everything used in the course. Nice work Chris!!!

Very helpful course


Hi Chris! Great videos…thank you.

With the new 10.5 Logic Pro X update. What’s the best way to add swing to percussions and highhat audio sample loops? Any videos showing this topic for Logic Pro X? Is there swing topics for Logic Pro X?

Hi there @PeteOne

Chris did covered the swing on audio tracks in this Tech Tip “Adding Swing To Audio Tracks” and he also did a video about the new features in Logic Pro 10.5

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What a great & helpful course, massive insight spread across level 1 & 2, so user friendly & easy to understand, hats off to Chris.

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Super helpful and informative course, even though some of the functions are a bit dated - but your job is great Chris :raised_hands:
Any chance of an updated version in LPX 10.7?

Fantastic course! Thanks Chris.

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