How To Use - Maschine Studio 2 with Kirk Degiorgio / 463

This week we get to grips with Native Instruments mighty hardware - Maschine Studio 2. Guiding us expertly though Maschine’s in’s and out’s is power user Kirk Degiogio. Starting by giving you an overview of all the main functions of Maschine Studio 2, you will first get to grips of the structure and different engine types of a sound in Maschne Studio 2 before Kirk moves on to demonstrate some real world examples of how to construct loops, turn those into patterns and then arrange those patterns out into a track.

Some very useful stuff on here. Love Kirk’s productions. More from Kirk on maschine and techno making please :slight_smile:

We have some more from Kirk coming soon :slight_smile:

There’s reference made to a sonic academy project in video 2, is this project available?


I think we replied to you via email ? The project used in the course is just for demonstrating the hardware during the videos - you can use your own samples etc. if you wish to follow along at this point.

Hi Brian, yes that’s right. No problem, thanks.

Just wondering why this course isn’t available for download purchase like the other How to Use courses?

i don’t know hows in charge of video audio processing but this video is clipping pretty heavy… it may be my setup however I’ve never had issues before and its a pretty stable setup… i have turned down my master on the internal channel of my interface and I’m very intrigued to finish this course as maschine has revolutionized my work flow and so far the instructor seems very knowledgable i just thought i would raise the flag as i noticed it

good overview

Nice tutorials but i feel he misses alot of stuff that he assumes we already know. I am a complete Maschine novice and i found myself having to rewind to see what options he was clicking quite a bit which was sometimes difficult to make out with the camera quality not being amazing