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MasterCheck with Dom Kane

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Sound design Jedi Dom Kane joins Sonic Academy this week for a brand new How To Use course, and this time he’s checking out Nugen Audio’s loudness plugin MasterCheck.

MasterCheck is the complete solution for optimising your mixes for today’s music delivery services. Streaming apps, download stores, websites and podcasts all use data compression, loudness matching or both. These processes can affect your mixes in various undesirable ways: your loud punchy mix could end up quiet and flat, or suffer clipping or distortion.

MasterCheck Pro reveals problems ahead of time and enables you to deliver masters perfectly tuned for specific playout systems.

Dom takes us through the interface then looks at how he uses MasterCheck to A/B different compressors to find out what they are actually doing whilst also checking his mixes to see how they will sound on various streaming services.

Very rich and useful course. Thank you! I discovered many new things.

Exactly what I needed. Perfectol