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Minimal Audio Rift with Protoculture

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Checking out Minimal Audio’s flagship plugin Rift, Protoculture’s here to look at what this digital distortion playground has to offer!

Rift is a creative distortion plugin unlike any other with its ‘bipolar processing’ which distorts the upper and lower halves of a waveform separately, a ton of modulation options along with a delay and filter built in (the filter is available as a free separate plugin) this is one of those new plugin releases that makes producers sit up and take notice.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, watch this!

great overview, Protoculture! This plugin is really really cool! Thanks for exploring it in depth and uncovering the key power features!

Pretty sure this was developed in collaboration with Mr. Bill :slight_smile:

Devious Machines Infiltrator next please :slight_smile:

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Yeah, +1 for an overview or “How to Use” for DM Infiltrator :wink:
Devious Machine plug-ins are awesome, even the simple “Duck” Volume Shaper plug-in is brilliant.

Think Rift is worth paying for when I already own Trash 2?