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Modular Synthesis with Kirk Degiorgio

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Kirk Degiorgio returns with an Introduction to Modular Synthesis Video Series covering all the basics surrounding Modular Synthesis and how to get one hooked up and running alongside your current workflow.


Covering the ins and outs of Envelopes Generators / Filters / Sequencers and Sound Sources we have everything covered here if you are thinking of dipping a toe into the world of Modular Synthesis


This. Is. Awesome. 5 stars!

This. Is. Awesome. 5 stars!

Great basic introduction on the crazy world of modular synths. Look forward to more great tutorials on modular synths.

Can we please have more in this please. I&#039ve just started my Eurorack and found this really helpful. More advanced patching and use of MATHS etc..

YES...YES.... YESSSSSS.... More Modular Stuff, please! Awesome.

Nice introduction, thank you, i guess you can do like 30 more clips on how to write a track with this gear. I would like to do a drum set up in eurorack but just getting a case and the sync gen my budget is gone. That would be the saddest rack ever, empty rack with a sync gen that clock nothing. So for the moment I will stick with vst.

Keep watching this over and over, it&#039s an awesome tutorial. Lets have some
more from Mr Degiorgio please.
Maybe a complete track build from scratch, then upload the parts and have a remix comp. with Kirk as a judge.

Erm... Erm... Erm... Perhaps... erm... writing the script down beforehand and... erm... reading it out instead of erm making it up as you go along would erm mean less erms.
Or is it just the preview that's like that?

great intro, even still holds up today… would be amazing to see Kirk do a whole series with different patches