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Moog Matriarch with King Unique

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Sound the fanfare because King Unique is back and he’s got his hands on another awesome synth and this time Matt’s checking out how to use the Moog Matriarch.

A patchable 4-note paraphonic analog synthesiser with a built-in Sequencer, Arpeggiator, stereo Ladder Filters, and stereo Analog Delay this is a Moog that packs a punch and sounds as fun as it looks.

The Moog Matriarch gives you not only amazing sounding musicality with the ability to play chords but also the option to go completely off the wall using its modular capabilities.

Throughout these videos, Matt takes us through the controls and functions of the entire synth as well as some of the hidden features so you can get on with creating your own sounds quickly.

If you’ve splashed the cash and purchased one of these, or if you just love synths as much as ourselves and Matt then definitely check out what this magnificent madam can do!

nice colors ! :wink:

Its MOOG, like Vogue, not like a cow, Mooooog.

fast forward to 1m 50s :wink:

For reasons I cant explain, every single video now says: “This content has been blocked on this website”, and I can no longer play ANYTHING… any ideas? Ive logged in and out, used different devices, etc…

Hey there @IAmSoundengine

That’s weird, videos are paying fine here on my end.

Have you tried to clean your web browser cache & history ? Maybe the page/site got blacklisted inside your Web browser. Are you able to watch other videos ? Which browser are you using ? Have you tried with another one ?

I also say “Moooog” since… well… always !! And I also love cows : they are fair animals ( and no, I don’t mean that “fairrr” but that fair ) :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :wink:

Ha! Well, @Tekalight and @watkins. If you Moooog, I can’t stop you. :wink:

All systems are operational here now, but there was a brief 5 or 6 hour window where every video(for me anyway) was not accessible. Oh well, all works now! Thanks for the help.



OK, glad to read that you’re now able to watch the videos and thank you for reporting back :wink:

Have no clue if there was an issue with the site or if it was something with your ISP or network performances, I have experienced many drop down & had a few connection issues myself lately since we’re in lock-down, nothing really major hopefully, but yes, it’s a hard time for servers & network infrastructure for sure :wink:

@watkins Hi dear, please can I ask you for advice? I sync matriarch with my ableton project(master) via USB (*also did midi). I have my project triggering the midi clock for my whole live set. So i hit the play and i can see that incoming midi/usb signal on rate. Than I want to record a sequence,BUT! I need to play one tone for one full note, not 4 notes in full note. My problem is when I do the recording, and after i want to “play x hold” the sequence is running too fast, on each quarter note. I can adjust it with rate knob, but it is very problematic to hit my “first” drum, as I use matriarch in my whole live set up and I need to hit the timing accurate, not to fiddle around for few seconds and loose time and also …yeah, just not working… I found weird solution… The best works if matriarch is not synched and i tap my tempo 4 times lower, than the tempo 'fits" to my 130 BPM… (130/4 =32.5bmp) Do you know what I mean? So eventually i can achieve my “slow and accurate” sequence, but only if i do sync by tapping, which could be inaccurate after some time… I tried to check tutorials, but didnt find any advice, please let me know how to sort this out.

ps: i just tried with the “rest button” and im getting closer the the result, but in case there is another way how to divide tempo, please let me know.

Hi @akkamiau - no I think you’re on the right track. As the manual states -

"The RATE knob sets the playback speed of the Arpeggiator and the Sequencer, with a tempo range of 20 – 280 BPM (Beats Per Minute). The accompanying LED ashes at the current Rate setting. If Matriarch is sync’d to MIDI, External Clock, or Tap Tempo, the RATE knob will select timing values that are musical subdivisions of this external tempo. "

So those sub-divisions of the tempo (e.g. playing back at 1/2 or a 1/4 of the incoming MIDI tempo) are how the Matriarch handles this situation. Using that in conjunction with the reset knob as you are doing seems to be the answer.

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Final extra thought - are you on Ableton? This might be relevant as I’ve read the following regarding syncing external arpeggiators/sequencers.

“Ableton Live sends a START message when the loop marker is at the beginning, but seems to send CONTINUE when it is placed somewhere else IF the clock type in the ableton live settings is set to ‘Song’. Set it to ‘pattern’ and your problem will disapear. This is a little known fact about Ableton and quite a few people are having troubles with this.”

This isn’t specific to the Matriarch but it might help - obviously, only if you’re on Ableton.

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This introduction catch me right away! Bloody master of the words