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NI Blocks - Intro to Modular with King Unique

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This week Sonic Academy welcomes back King Unique for a look at the new updated Reaktor BLOCKS BASE. A free download as part of Komplete Start it contains everything you need to start exploring modular synthesis. The pack contains 24 blocks in total, from fundamental utilities like audio I/O, note in, and MIDI clock, to an accessible range of sound shaping LFOs, ADSR envelopes, VCAs, and step sequencers. CV connectivity is also offered, giving you the possibility for hardware integration.

Matt firstly runs through the new cabling system before giving us the lowdown on what is actually happening with modular synthesis when we push a key on our keyboard.
We then look at building a simple playable batch and sequenced patch before diving into the more experimental side of modular synthesis using some of the elaborate ‘PRIMES’ modules included in the paid version to create unpredictable and interesting sounds.

Confusing and often frustrating for some, but absolute synth heaven for others Matt lifts the lid on this fascinating form of synthesis where an infinite number of possibilities of sound design are waiting for you.

Let the bleeping and blooping commence!

thanks for this tutorial, you method of explanation more than once had light bulbs going off in my head. I am curious where you got the Hetrick modules as the ones i downloaded at Native Instruments aren’t compatible with the updated NI blocks.

Really enjoyed this course, purchased the Prime as a result and now having great fun

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glad it lit bulbs for you :+1: honest answer with the modules is that you’re probably best dropping a mail to NI and asking, they were sending us pre-release versions of the Blocks and Primes for several weeks before the course was nailed down; i may be using a beta version of a particular module or one that’s forthcoming.

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Thanks, very good lessons.

Yeah I’m glad I didn’t bother with the 3 hour older video, this was enough, thanks