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NI Reaktor 6 Blocks with Rory Webb

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Sonic Academy welcomes back Rory from Hyper Production this week for in depth look at How To Use NI Reaktor 6 Blocks.

This fascinating and awesome plugin from Native Instruments - where you build your very own virtual modular synths from the ground up, will see you diving down a rabbit hole of sound creation and losing many happy hours before you know it!

In this course Rory starts with checking out the user interface before moving on to building a basic patch.
We then look at adding oscillators, filters and LFO’s, create chords and pads along with percussive sounds and see how we can get the most out of the plugin within our chosen DAW.
Finally, we check out some of the more interesting and useful ‘blocks’ and see what this powerful plugin is capable of.

Not only will Reaktor 6 Blocks give you some fantastic sounds with endless possibilities, as you connect up the wires to create your own patches, you’ll also be subliminally learning the fundamentals of synthesis.

Check out the course and start building your own unique sounds while becoming a synth master!

Awesome tutorial, I’m having loads of fun with it, thanks Rory for covering this software.
I don’t think, though, the bento OSC at least are any good for designing usable snares.

I’ve been following a few tutorials for Reactor Blocks and have had mixed results getting my head around them. This is the first course - at least so far - that’s clear and easy to follow along with and reproduce.

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