How To Use - NI's Massive with Echo Sound Works / 250

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Welcome to a new series on Sonic Academy were we take an in-depth look at some of the most popular soft synths and plugins in the studio environment today. In this first ‘How To Use’ We lift the lid on Native Instruments ‘Massive’.


Over 17 enormous video's, Massive expert, and ’Echo Sound works’ head, Shane, takes you step by step through every facet of this complex and sometimes misunderstood studio workhorse.


From explaining Massive’s wavetables to delving deep into the LFO, Performer and Stepper tabs. We also create some stunning real world examples of Dubstep wobbles, Supersaws and deep subby baselines. So if you want to really understand Massive and take your sound design skills to the next level, then this is the course for you. Enjoy!


This new series is pure genius - brilliant move, Sonic Academy!!!

Really this guy who explaining things, knows how to teach and demonstrate, feeling like a expert after finished the series. masterclass piece!!!! maybe next SERUM TUT? :)

Really like this series and hope to see more from this tutor :-)!

Great tut!
Can somebody tell me what preset pack he uses?

He isn't using a preset pack - You can watch him building the sounds from scratch in the last four videos

Thank you big boss

Awesome video.. def hope to see more on massive too

Is there a video showing how the macros work?

Yes, video 12 - titled 'Macros' ;-)

Thanks!! It would have helped if I scrolled down...

Shane is amazing, the best teacher ever !

Thanks you Sonic accademy

very helpful

Good Tutorial but the audio is bad in that way that the music is much louder than the voice. This is a bit of annoying. Anyway i learned good new things to use.

Great Massive tutorial really cleared some things up

Very complete tutorial

Great Tutorial!

You’re an amazing instructor!

Great Tutorial. Clear explanations and exmaples.