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OBX Shootout

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This week we road test the best Oberheim OB-X plugins out there to see which one comes out on top. Will you agree?

And who better than Kirk Degiorgio to check out some emulations of this classic synth he’s used many a time in his own tracks?

Here he’s chosen three of his favourite’s to see which one not only gives you that recognisable OB sound but also checking out the controls and how well they integrate into your workflow. We also look at how we can replicate this epic synth in ANA 2 before seeing how they all stack up when compared with each other.

Kirk’s made his choice. Which one would you go for?

If you want to get the lowdown on how this iconic synth came to be, then check out King Unique’s video on the site Here!

Should have included OB-Xd in this list. It’s freely available, and you can optionally give DiscoDSP money for it: discoDSP - OB-Xd - Oberheim Inspired Virtual Analog Synthesizer - AAX / VST / VST / AU / IOS