How To Use - Ozone 7 with Aiyn Zahev / 479

Regarded by many as the essential mastering tool, here we take you beyond the presets. In this ‘How To Use Ozone 7 with Aiyn Zahev’ renowned sound designer and trance producer, Sami takes us through the main features of ‘Ozone 7 advanced by Izotope’ and shows you how it would be used in the real world. Glue a mix together, control dynamic range, or add rich character to your tracks with this critically acclaimed plugin.

Also pushing past Ozone 7’s ‘mastering’ capabilities, Sami explains the new ‘Vintage’ modules and how you can take advantage of these on individual tracks, to get cleaner, better more powerful mixes.

Just last week I was hoping that Sonic Academy would release a tutorial for Ozone 7 and - POW! Here it is! I’m up to lesson 4 and have learned quite a bit already. Aiyn was able to clarify many of my questions, including using the MS mode and EQ matching functions. Also, I have to share the video’s BEST QUOTE so far:


“So if you’re not really comfortable with this, or you find yourself creating more problems than you solve, welcome to multi band compression!” - Ozone 7 with Aiyn Zahev, Tutorial 4- The Dynamics Module (13:30)


I’m excited for the rest of the course. Many thanks to Aiyn and Sonic Academy for producing this tutorial!


been looking for a good Ozone tutorial everywhere. perfect timing SA!

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Great presenter. Ozone is now the monster it should have been. The upgrade price from Ozone 5 to 7 is less price than buying Brainworx bx_dynEQ V2 by itself. Been on the fence about that one for some time and Ozone comes with more than just the new dynamic EQ. Thanks for posting real time demonstration with audio tracks with which I am familiar (Sonic Academy course songs).


thank you!

Thanks :slight_smile: