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Over the next 12 videos our beginners guide to making music takes you step by step through Propellerheads groundbreaking software Reason 6.

From a guide round the interface to setting up your session for creating sound through to making drum beats, basslines and pads using Reason's powerful on board devices, synths and samplers including the Kong Drum Machine, Thor Synth, NN-19 Sampler and Dr. Rex Loop Player. We also look at what's new in Reason 6 including the massive new Echo and Alligator FX plus how to import and edit audio!

This course is the perfect one for those who want to get started making music today, using Reason 6.

Another great course on getting a handle on reason using version 5 but i think its time to upgrade to 6 after watching this tutorial! lol but all in all the videos for reason 3 4 and 6 are must watch some info is repeated but everyone has something a little different

I have watched many other tutorials on this and other sites, but this is the best 2 hours I have spent learning about recording, mixing, mastering, and rendering &#034in the box&#034. I usually use Logic Pro, but wanted to check out Reason 6. This tutorial covers all the basics for taking a project from start to finish in a very easy to follow manner. 5 stars!

Now that Reason 10 is out and we’ve had VSTs since 9.5 can we have new Reason tutorials?