How To Use - Roli Seaboard Block with King Unique / 901

Roli Seaboard Block with King Unique

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What have we here? It looks like synth guru King Unique has a new toy to play with and this one’s a bit special!

In this short video, we get a quick look at the brilliantly expressive Roli Seaboard Block - a 24-note, MPE capable, battery or USB-powered keywave controller, which uses Bluetooth MIDI or USB to access sounds via Roli’s iOS and Mac apps. This is also Roli’s cheapest keywave Seaboard to date making it much more accessible to everyone but can also be expanded into a larger keyboard simply by attaching another block next to it.

Here Matt demonstrates how different this keyboard is to any other and it sure looks like something you’re going to want to get your hands on!

Great little intro on MPE and Roli

Best tutor !

Would love to see you in action using some synths not equator but say kontakt falcon halion etc. ones where you need to use your head to know what are the better parameters for which ROLI cc controls. Would be really nice for some plugins with no user example in Roli help section. Assigning things to Roli parameters in multtimbral synths are a needed addition

Thanks Matt. I’ve had the Rise 2 octave keyboard from when it was launched but my playing skills still leave a lot to desire! Not sure you can help me with the playing but I’d be very happy to get so help designing patches for MPE-compatible soft synths.

Thank you, for video !

What sound preset are you using for 8-9min, sounds amazing !


That’s ‘Strings & Horns’ on Equator

Can’t wait to set my seaboard up with one of those new playlumi boards!

Thanks! What a great way to record funky licks and basses this device must be.:wink: But what a shame it connects so poorly to Ableton… I’m a pianist and all about tonal expression, so it’d be great if you could show how to use it in Live!