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Shaperbox 2 with Protoculture

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In this quick video Protoculture checks out how to use Cableguys Shaperbox 2 - a great looking LFO plugin that can manipulate your incoming signal in a variety of ways from a simple sidechain effect to creating a completely new sound when the different modules are used together.

An all-in-one ton of fun!

Check it out!

Super plugin and a super tutor.

I enjoyed this tutorial, the vertical flip tip (shown near the beginning of the video) was the best tip I learned to get some clean sidechain. If you want to get the most out of this video, I would play with the plug in and first and look at the parameters and get a basic understanding of how it works. Then watch this video. I feel like the video helped reinforced what I learned.

It’s weird because I feel like there is a very wrong way to use this plug-in where everything sounds like noise, rather than an enhancing effect.

Thanks for this vid!