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ShaperBox with 2Scoops

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This week Sonic Academy welcomes back LA based producer 2Scoops, for a look at one of his favourite plugins in How To Use ShaperBox by Cableguys.

With a super simple GUI that’s shared across each of the modules, the ShaperBox bundle gives you five options which include Time, Filter, Pan, Volume, and Width. You can arrange the effects in order of your choice within the rack, saving on CPU and giving you endless options for shaping your sound.
Each module has a grid in the centre where you can click and drag nodes to build up complex curves, with various drawing tools and a randomise button, but also boasting a ton of awesome presets that can quickly glitch up your sounds to make entirely new ones!

In this two part course, 2Scoops firstly checks out the user interface and each of the modules, before moving on to using the plugin in a real world example.

Definitely a useful and creative tool to add to your arsenal, this is worth checking out!

Cool tutorial and interesting tool in deed. It could have been more extensive with showing more creative techniques like you did in part 2, but it’s a good explanation of the plugin & nice demonstration of what it’s capable of. Thanks 2Scoops & SA.

Great tutorial

I love this Plugin … So much sound sculpting abilities…

I only wish we had a distinct creative lesson for each module - every one of these beasties in SB is a beast in its own right.

I like the Cable Guys Plugins.
They are great.