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Slate + Ash Cycles with Kirk Degiorgio

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Sonic Academy welcomes back IDM Godfather Kirk Degiorgio for a new ‘How To Use’ course where he’s checking out the much talked about NI Kontakt instrument by Slate + Ash - Cycles.

This incredibly powerful and in-depth plugin is as much an instrument as an effect and loop manipulator and to say you will rarely create the same sound twice using Cycles in an understatement.

Be careful, this plugin could seriously eat up your life but Kirk’s easy-to-follow and detailed overview of the controls and options available will get you up and running as he checks out both Loop and Grain mode demonstrating the sounds this awesome plugin can create.
Slate + Ash have taken great care in providing perfect content to use along with some excellent presets but you can also import your own sounds into this mind-boggling machine so the scope for sound design is infinite.

Kirk’s blown away by this plugin and we reckon you will be too so check it out!

Embracing the future again after watching this.

It’s really amazing how many features those guys have packed in this Kontakt instrument in such a modern but yet elegant & very intuitive GUI. Limitless sound design possibilities with this one, incredible.

Excellent course from Kirk Degiorgio again, very well explained & structured and covering all aspects & features of Cycles, you’re ready to jump into sound design with this instrument after watching these videos.


Great Tutorial

Great tutorial

really interesting

Pretty good ta learn how ta use it well


Moderator Edit : Translation from Japanese : “Good to use”

Great stuff Kirk, I’ve been waiting for some tutorials on this instrument. Cheers!

brilliant thanks ,very well explained

Very well explained, great tutorial. This instrument is a real gem, bear in mind that this tutorial is giving examples using just one MIDI note. Imagine the possibilities :). Also, I wonder how many parameter automations are available, would ve been nice to see that, also.

These are great tutorial and Slate + Ash make seriously good Kontakt instruments. I’d love it if you did tutorials for their Auras and Landform instruments - I’d buy them immediately!