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Smartest Reverb Ever? How To Use iZotope Neoverb

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Protoculture’s with us again and he’s checking out iZotope’s new reverb plugin Neoverb.

A reverb like no other this one uses iZotope’s AI to listen to other channels in your mix and cleverly carves out space for reverbs to shine through.

Here Nate shows us how easy it is to set up and gives us some examples of how you can utilise Neoverb in your tracks. Not only is it a super useful tool, but it’s also an awesome reverb in its own right too!

Check it out!

Nice overview, thank you @Protoculture. How is this one CPU wise ? Wondering if it’s really hungry on resources 'cause I’m quite amazed by the real time features & speed of unmasking calculation.

Also, what’s the track ? Sounds nice :wink:

Cheers !

Track is something new from my album :slight_smile: The CPU isn’t bad at all… this is pretty much my go to now for more realistic room reverbs etc. Use it alot on drums, vocals… usually shorter stuff and then can combine it with more characterful stuff like vintage verb or Raum.

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