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Snap Heap with Dom Kane

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This week we welcome back sound design master craftsman Dom Kane for a look at kiloHearts brilliant multi effects plugin Snap Heap.

With a straight forward and easily approachable user interface, Snap Heap gives you a multitude of different effects where you can modulate and manage complex effect systems in a simple way.
It has 4 routable lanes of modular “snapin” effects and each lane can contain any number of snapins, that have individual gain, panning and dry/wet mixing. Switching between running the effects in series or parallel is as easy as the push of a button and you can mute or solo effect lanes to quickly home in on what you’re doing.

In these two videos Dom firstly takes us through the user interface before showing us a demo of some of the effects he’s using in one of his own tracks and giving us a glimpse of the endless sound possibilities this plugin is capable of.

Dig Dom Kanes courses. Would love to see him show some bitwig stuff though!

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Have you already checked Dom’s tutorial on How to Make Stoic ( full track recreation in Bitwig ) as well as his Tech Tips Vol.41 with workflow & tips on Bitwig ?