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Sononym with Protoculture

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If you’re one of those producers whose sample library has got a little out of hand Protoculture’s here to show you a clever sample library that might just be the answer as he checks out Sononym.

Sononym uses AI to scan and identify audio types in your sound library and can also identify similarities so you can fine-tune the search further.

Here Nate demonstrates how accurate this app can be, and also how it can help with creativity by finding sounds you may not have thought about using before.

Go check it out!

Nice one, thanks for the walk-through @Protoculture . I think it’s reasonably priced for the things it does and find it making much more sense than something like XO from XLN Audio. it’s also worth mentioning that Sononym has a full functional 30 day trial, so people can see if it’s for them or not.

Question on another kind of useful tools which can be handy to have in the studio : do you use files converters like Soundizers StereoMonoizer or anything similar that you could recommend, especially when it comes to stereo to mono conversion + features like export at different bit rates & volume normalization ?

Cheers !

Great overview

Great overview, thanks

I don’t know this… Cubase has a really simple conversion process in project to convert to mono files, although the automatic processing in this thing looks pretty cool.

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