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Soundtoys 5 with Rory Webb

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Sonic Academy welcomes back Hyper Production’s Rory Webb this week for an in-depth look at the awesome Soundtoys 5 bundle.

With 20 different plugins at your disposal, the majority of which have been emulated on classic pieces of hardware, Soundtoys have provided everything you need in one package to manipulate and process your audio in endless ways.

In this course Rory takes a detailed look at each of the plugins available, lifting the lid and exploring all of the functions and showing us what they’re capable of, with real-world examples.

From delays, distortions and phasers through to EQ’s, reverbs and pitch shifters Soundtoys 5 is an epic addition to your effects arsenal, and with the included option of racking them up, you can not only save on CPU but also save a unique chain of effects to use in your tracks.

Go check it out!

it’s fantastic


Thx, it was quite useful (and interesting).

thank you Rory, very informative, I’ve had these for a while and didn’t realize just how good these plugins were until seeing these videos. The Sie-Q especially is the answer to what I’m often looking for when wanting a track to stand out more, and I had trouble sleeping after watching the Alterboy wringing my hands scheming on way to implement it.

Thanks guys for all your nice comments. I’m pleased you found this course helpful!

Stay Awesome,

Thank you!!

I’ve had a few of these plugins for a while but still found these videos pretty useful, thanks. I’ll be back again as the collection expands.

Great walkthrough thanks.

Great course!

great course, great plug-ins! I need to buy the Sie-Q

Thank you, Cory, this helps demystify the plugins.

I’d appreciate more real life applications, because honestly the examples you use sound like shit. I mean listen objectively, the Alterboy examples are like disfiguring the music in ugly ways that I would never subject a listener to. Now I know these are grest plugins, I plan to try and use them exclusively on a project, but here they sound just plain ugly and unuasable to me. Again, I appreciate the tutorials for helping me understand the plugins, but I dont think most of the ‘cool’ examples you use enhance the music.

Rory not Cory, sorry.