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Sonic Academy proudly presents ‘How To Use Spire with Echo Sound Works’ A massive course for a massive synth. Here ‘Echo Sound Works’ takes an in-depth look at a synth that appears on many top producers kit lists. Spire is a versatile hybrid synthesizer that combines powerful sound engine, simple user interface and flexible modulation architecture. We look at all the different synth engine types, explain all the filter controls and where and when to use them, and delve into the power mod matrix and step sequencer possibilities, all expertly guided by one of the worlds best tutors and sound designers. If you liked ‘Echo Sound Works’ NI Massive course, then you’ll love this!

Echo Sound Works is hands down one of the best Tutors on EDM. His videos are very clear and easy to understand. Thank you S.A. not only for an awesome new site but for great tutors like Echo!
Keep up the phenomenal work!

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Once again Echo Sound works delivering the goods. Awesome tutorial on my favourite synth. Super clear and concise information… Double thumbs up

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I love watching this courses also!

Tutorial 03 - GUI Elements doesn’t seem to load for me. “This video is unavailable”

The tutorials on how to make specific sounds are useless because the tutor does not explain the change he is looking for, and he is dealing the knobs at lightning speed. It’s hard to understand why he does things if he doesn’t tell you.

BEST QUOTE from video:

“…I kinda had one of those nerd laughs where you’re
kinda like, ‘I get this joke! I see what you guys did!’ and
then you kinda like, realize, ‘Dang. I like synths too much.’ ”

-Shane Robbins, Spire with Echo Sound Works, Tutorial 11 - Filter Section Part 2

I only planned on posting that quote, but was inSPIREd* to write a review, so here it is!

*(Sorry for the pun. It was too easy not to!)

SPIRE with ECHO SOUND WORKS is a great tutorial. I just picked up Spire a week ago and completely love the look and sound of it. It a powerful synth with amazing potential and I wanted to go deep and geek out with it, so I decided to take this course. I was not disappointed, and found myself in good company!

Shane from Echo Sound Works has a passion for synthesis that is obvious, and his enthusiasm will keep you engaged. This is NOT just a video version of the manual, as you find with many tutorials. Shane brings you beyond the manual, using a unique, progressive, multi-perspective (technical/conceptual/creative) teaching method to build deeper understanding.

On a micro level, he teaches from the technical perspective, clearly explaining the details of every element and feature in Spire. Broadening the scope, he gives a conceptual perspective. By demonstrating broader concepts in synthesis and comparing feature implementation across contemporary synths like Serum and Massive, Shane reinforces key ideas with a ’big picture’ perspective.

Perhaps most unique is his integration of the technical and conceptual into practical ideas from an artistic and creative perspective. By sharing his thought process and workflow when creating patches/presets, to giving strategies for personal development as a sound designer, Shane functions like a virtual mentor to his students. Expect to learn more than just how to operate Spire from taking this course!

Thanks, Shane. You rock!

Shane is an excellent instructor and, for the open minded student, the Spire with Echo Sound Works tutorial will inspire and spark your sonic creativity while providing a solid foundation of all the techniques and concepts needed to produce them for your next track.

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Amazingly thorough tutorial. Purchased Spire after watching this and am loving it so far. Thanks man!

I really enjoyed following this tutorial. In addition to picking up more knowledge about Spire, it was a nice review of essential synth concepts that could be applied to Spire or any other synth.

It would be great to have Echo Sound Works come back for a part 2 in the future, focusing on additional sound design examples for specific genres, and achieving specific sounds and articulations from well known tracks.

I found LFO can have fade in by clicking on and dragging in the “fade in” window of LFO section. Can probably free up a mod matrix routing thus. A greyed out envelope appears shaped like an alligator mouth < (“less than” symbol).

Just finished the whole series! and I have to say that this course is really great from a bringing clarity perspective. The tutor did a really good job breaking down each element and making sense of it both verbally and visually. Synths have always intimidated me due to their complex structure, but now after this tutorial I’m excited to explore and experiment with Spire. Thank you Echo Sound Works! Really good job!

I’ve been a SA student for many years and learned how to make every genre in the 4/4 realm, you name it. I got introduced to Odesza not too long ago by driving by local venue that was popping in L.A and I looked it up and found out that it was Odesza’s show. I listen to their music and immediately fell in love. it is so unique and very different than what I’ve ever listened to or produced. It got SO curious how they make it and didn’t sleep for over a week trying to break it down. didn’t know where to begin. I have to tell you, this course was a gold mine. Echo Sound Works is incredible in breaking down every aspect of this genre, so inspiring and he methodically teaches you the big picture and how to apply already known techniques towards the Future Bass genre. AMAZING and THANK YOU SO MUCH SA. ALWAYS A FAN AND ALWAYS WILL BE. I already made my first track in the Future Bass genre and it’s so dope !!

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thanks very helpfull

That Cmajor BS has been fixed on version 1.5 update :slight_smile:

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Echo Sound Works rules, I really wish you had a similar class for all my syntshs. Very useful!