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Steinberg Backbone with Protoculture

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This week’s short ‘How To Use’ video we’re checking out Steinberg’s new drum re-synthesiser Backbone.

This super useful plugin can take apart drum samples so they can be fine-tuned and mapped across your keyboard, altered so you can drag out sub-elements and layered to create a ton of options in sound design. Any type of audio can be brought in so you aren’t limited to just drum re-synthesis giving you endless possibilities.

Protoculture takes us through the straight forward interface demonstrating what this clever piece of software can do.

Worth checking out!

Awesome! Thank you.

very interesting way of making music

The first person who thinks about his transients! realy nice to see someone whoe thinks about his micro dynamics before pushing it to 0.db. This would be nice for synthesis lessons on our school! also, thanks for showing us how kick2 works.