How To Use Tantra with Aiyn Zahev / 44

In this all new ‘How To Use’ Mini series we take a look at some of the smaller, more job specific plugins on the market today and show you how they can be used to improve and define your sound.


Here for the first time on Sonic, renowned sound designer Sami AKA Aiyn Zahev, takes us through the interesting but not widely known ‘Tantra’ by Dmitry Sches. Tantra is a rhythmic multi-effect plug-in with a rich feature set and some quality processing modules. With Tantra you can take almost any sound and turn it into a complex rhythmic progression with some really deep modulation options. Over these three bite sized videos we take a look at the Modulation matrix, a quick overview of each of the effects and finally showing you ‘Tantra’ in use on some real world examples.


This is perfect commute or lunchtime content - if you are in need of a quick but satisfying ‘How To Use’ hit!