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TB-303 Shootout

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Protoculture’s back this week with some 303 VST’s to carry out an ‘Acid Test’ and see which one can get closest to the legendary hardware.

Here he sets up three of his favourites in Reason, including Roland Cloud’s version, and pits them against each other to see how they differ and have a listen to how accurately they master the iconic ‘growl’ and squelch’ we all love to hear.

Nate also checks out how close ANA 2 can get with a bit of tweaking so join him in the lab and check out which one comes out on top!

Nice. That VST2 version of Roland TB303 seems a bit rare though. Well, Reason might have VST3 by the next century I suppose. Would love a switch from content to functionality with them.
Love Reason but it seems a tad behind in some key areas. 150.00 for Roland’s. Ouch! D16 wins for me.

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Love it, thank you!

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