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Tekturon with Bluffmunkey

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This week Sonic Academy welcomes back sound design maestro Bluffmunkey for a look at D16 Group’s multitap sequenced delay plugin, Tekturon.

Boasting 16 separate tappable delay lines, Tekturon can generate dynamic, multifaceted delays, complex rhythms, and much more.
The user has complete independent control of the individual delay taps in terms of timing, levels, feedback, stereo imaging and filtering, within a step sequencer-style interface.
Tekturon has a relatively simple control scheme but is capable of generating elaborate and fluid filtered multitap delay lines, funky grooves, wild ‘out there’ rhythms and spatial stereo width, taking any regular stereo delay you may have to a whole new level.
Not only that but every parameter for every tap can be automated within your DAW and assigned to a MIDI Controller.

In this two part course Bluffmunkey firstly takes us through the user interface before moving on to real world examples adding the plugin to various elements within a track to enhance the groove.


Thank you for the lesson! I would like more video for the plugins D16 Group

Really useful info! Thanks!

Great video. The potential is endless. Cheers.

nice one… short, simple and efficiant