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Timeless 2 With Aiyn Zahev

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Join Sami, chief sound designer at Aiyn Zahev, as he takes us through the small but wonderfully formed delay plugin ‘Timeless 2’ from Fab Filter.


Continuing in this series where we look at some of the smaller plugins that can add huge weight to your production arsenal, Sami gives you the low down in all you need to know to get the best from this versatile delay unit.


He looks deep into its powerful filter options and explains Timeless 2’s modulation system by giving you some very useful real world examples of where and how to use these new production techniques.   


I've already read the manual, so I can understand what he is doing in the video.But Ayin, please explain about the signal flow AT LEAST before start tweaking those knobs.This is not how-to-use. One more thing, too much resonant hurt my ears a bit.

Love it. :slight_smile: