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Top 5 Free Synth Plugins with Protoculture

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Nate’s back with another Top 5 Free Plugins video and this time he’s looking at synths.

Whether you’re looking to explore modular synthesis, looking for an awesome bass or just love free stuff, these synths are simply a no-brainer when it comes to expanding your plugin arsenal.

Go check out what he’s found for you guys to get your hands on for FREEEEEE!

Thanks for this course, Tyrell is nice synth

Bazille is really monster synth


Indeed yes, but Bazille from u-He isn’t free !! It’s a $130 soft synth in it’s full version. I think there’s a lighter version but it was available only for Computer Magazine readers if I remember well.

No Vember Audio Surge. That is a surprise. What is @Protoculture opinion of Surge?

Thanks, some awesome options!

I did this a while back… I actually used Surge like 15 years ago and it was great. Its only recently been updated and become popular again. Will have to give it another go… can’t remember much about it TBH. I’d have to add vital to this list now as well.

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