How To Use - Top 5 MeldaProduction Plugins with Protoculture / 945

Top 5 MeldaProduction Plugins with Protoculture

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In this quick ‘Top 5’ video Protoculture check out his favourite plugins available in the free bundle from MeldaProduction.

MeldaProduction’s plugins have featured quite a bit in a the courses here at Sonic Academy so we thought we’d get a man who certainly owns a few plugins to home in on his favourites on offer.

From frequency shifting, filtering, reverb effects and compression there’s some great ones here to get your teeth into so check it out!

thanks for highlighting freeware - amazing quality what’s out there - your series is great - too bad you don’t use a real DAW - JUST KIDDING

I Have got a drumleveler of Melda ( About 2015 ) it’s a complete and good plugins but not Free 149 € but in 2015 is a Free Plugins . Waou big affair for me !
Have a Good health

Nate you’re a content creating machine!..Can you do one on Kontakt (player). I always find the workflow a bit awkward.

Melda is awesome. I have been using the multianalyzer a lot lately to check my bass, sub, and kick channels simultaneously



Useful ! Thanks !