How To Use - Unfiltered Audio Bass Mint with Protoculture / 1014

Unfiltered Audio Bass Mint with Protoculture

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One of Protoculture’s favourite plugin developers Unfiltered Audio have just released their latest plugin - Bass Mint so who better to take us through the controls and let us hear how this awesome bass enhancer sounds!

If you’re looking for a one-stop plugin that’ll give more energy to your low-end, whether it be basslines or kicks, Bass Mint and its varying algorithms looks like it’ll have the answer.

With a simple GUI and a great range when deciding how much you want to dial in, this is a perfect plugin for all kinds of dance music genres.

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Nice! Just noticed this was added to my mix/master subscription so really nice to see a rundown of the features. Looks really easy to use. Love the minimalist UI, very Valhalla look to it. Look forward to playing with this one.

Great course