How To Use - Unfiltered Audio Silo with Protoculture / 1222

Unfiltered Audio Silo with Protoculture

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Protoculture’s back along with Unfiltered Audio who have just launched a brand new granular effect plugin called Silo.

In this video, Nate gets a first look at what this incredibly versatile plugin can do. This is a sound designer’s dream and one of those plugins that begs to be automated to get some really different effects depending on the incoming audio.

A granular processor that’s being hailed as a reverb like no other - check this out and see if you agree?

no lfos/envelopes to modulate various parameters?

Crazy effect ! Lol 

I Love Unfilterd Audio
Thank you for this vidéo

No. I was initially surprised but it doesn’t make sense for an effect like this. Modulating buffer sizes and so forth just causes a lot of unpleasant artifacts. Youve got a fair amount of control over movement with the gate sequencers and so on.