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UVI Drone with Protoculture

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For this week’s short ‘How To Use’ Nate’s checking out UVI’s Drone - a creative instrument that delivers constantly evolving textures and atmospheres, from deep and powerful low-end ambiences to rich and shimmering environments.

Perfect for cinematic soundscapes, expressive sound design and using for intros or background atmos in your tracks, Nate takes us through the user interface, how to manipulate the samples and showcase some of the outstanding presets.

This is one of those ‘wow factor’ VSTI’s so check it out!

I really like this plugin , i have some UVI plugins ( Sweep machine , Mellow , true key Vlabs … ) and Drone it’s a good quality plugins with Lfo , Unisson and all automatic in 3 D .Ambisonic Stereo is good ( ambisonic is better for the mix ( 8.1 ) but they haven’t got an Lfo and it’s
§ 350 ) .
YeS , thank you for this demonstration but i prefer to buy your album Arcdia.

They were a lot of good preset , i take your preset in serum and it’s very good . But for the drone i have Iris 2 , I don’t know if i buy it but it’s a powerfull plugins.
Thanks, sonic Academy