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Valhalla Vintage Verb with Paolo Mojo

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Sonic welcomes back Paolo Mojo for another all-new course How To Use Valhalla Vintage Verb.

This highly acclaimed plugin, that won’t break the bank is defined by it’s three Colour modes. These use internal downsampling and modulation shaping to replicate three different ‘eras’: 1970s gives a fantastic low-fi texture, 1980s has increased quality but still has that slightly gritty feel, and Now gives you today’s crisp, clean sound.

The big Decay dial sets the reverb time, ranging from 0.2 seconds to a huge 70 seconds giving a potentially enormous Lexicon-style reverb tail that sets it apart from other plugins.

Presets are divided into Ambiences, Chambers, Gated Reverbs, Halls, Huge Spaces, Plates, and Rooms and most users can get a rewarding experience by solely using them.

However, if you’re looking to find out what this plugin is capable of, and some insider tips on how to utilise its potential in your projects, look no further because Paolo gives us a detailed run through and some valuable real world techniques that’ll bring a bit of high-gloss spatial magic to your tunes.

Great tutorial Paolo and SA! I love this reverb plugin

yep. definitely worth to watch :slight_smile:

Cool reverb!

very cool

cool reverb

great reverb!

Sweet reverb!

Nice reverb!

My to-go reverb

Very great and helpful tutorial with good examples.

Great Plug-in

Nice Plugin

A good course to start with the plugin.

great intro to this verb

that’s a great reverb