How To Use - VCV Rack 2 - From Zero to Synth with King Unique / 1401

VCV Rack 2 - From Zero to Synth with King Unique

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Following on from King Unique’s recent course on How To Use VCV Rack 2, he’s back with a quick video on how to go From Zero to Synth using this awesome modular software.

Using a Roland SH-101 as a template, we bring in the same components to build our very own version of this classic synth before expanding it out to a polyphonic Juno-60 emulation and more.

VCV Rack 2 is such a good tool when learning about synthesis because you’re building your own synth from scratch and the scope for sound design are pretty much endless!

Check it out and give it a go, but if you want to just get your hands on the presets shown in this video click below!

- Free VCV Rack 2 Presets -


This lesson has me so excited. I own an AKAI AX-60, which has been said to have been AKAI’s response to the Roland Juno series, and just a slight tweak to this patch sounds almost exactly like my favorite patch on my AX-60.