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Wavesfactory TrackSpacer with Protoculture

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This week Nate Raubenheimer aka Protoculture is checking out the Wavesfactory TrackSpacer plugin.

This useful tool removes unwanted frequencies from one track so it won’t interfere with another and not only does it do it well, it’s super easy to use making an often tricky task unbelievably simple.

Here Nate takes us through the controls and demonstrates the different ways you can achieve the results you’re after, and with a low cpu imprint and at an affordable price, this is one of those plugins that once you give it a go you’ll find it impossible to be without!

Check it out!

Thank you so much!!!
This a really nice course

Really useful and timely, I’ve had this plugin for a while but not used it until today. Super easy to use and the setup is a breeze in Cubase. Nice explanation of the mid/side feature and when you might want to use it. Thanks!

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nice! first timer here at the sonic academy.

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Hey there @josuesiordia

Welcome ! :wink:

Highly suggest you to try a free 7 days trial, no commitment and you’ll have access to all tutorials ( you just won’t be able to download the projects & resources ) but it will let you see if getting a subscription might be something for you. Next to that, there’s plenty of free tutorials you can watch of course.

Cheers !

Make sure you select both VST and VST 3 options at installation or else the sidechain button doesn’t appear in the GUI.

Well, thanks for the tip :wink: I always install both for myself, but that sounds a bit weird, it shouldn’t be related IMHO, maybe something to report to Wavesfactory if you’re sure it’s the case.

It popped up in a number of forums when I googled it, and is easily solved. I did feed it back to Wavesfactory as it could be a useful FAQ.
It’s a great plugin with an immediate effect. I was worried that it might be cheating (:-)) but quite independently I read an (unrelated) interview in which a top sound engineer said that he used it routinely.

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Looks like a great plugin, definitely will be picking this one up.

Great Video & Awesome plugin!..I bought it after watching this video!.

Thanks for the tips! This will definitely help me with tuning it so that I can get the most of out Trackspacer.

I kinda knew what this plugin did, but some time ago I watched another turtorial on it, on youtube, was left confused, but after watching this, it is clear, it does what I thought it did, and is as simple as I thought it would be, so now it is clearly back on my purchase list. Thanks for this!

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aha moment - mid/side mode…

Incredibly helpful! Apparently we’ve only been using a fraction of what it can do. Thanks! :pray:

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Clearest tutorial of this iv seen.