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Weird Free FX Plugins

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In this video, Bluffmunkey checks out some plugins that have the potential to completely obliterate your audio into, well… something else!

With just a few clicks and turns of the more-often-than-not vague controls, these set of plugins will filter, frequency shift, distort, reverse, glitch and delay whatever you throw at them - and, what’s more they’re FREE!

Useful for transitions or used as send/return effects maybe? They’re certainly good fun if nothing else!

Check it out!

I’ve always loved Frohmage, particularly because you HAVE to experiment to get the sound you want from it.
Ohm Force is still going strong! They’ve now got, among other interesting plugins, Quad Frohmage.

Yep - always loved the cheesemeister!

on a related note you should also look at timewarp →

and buffer override →


All these have a use in the music I make, used the Freakshow Industries plugins already and paid for them all after realising they are all great. need to look at all the others but all were well demonstrated

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