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Weird Vocal Plugins

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Delving into the VST vaults of yesteryear, King Unique continues his voyage of discovery into all things vocal without the use of a human voice by showcasing three unique plugins that have reached cult status.

Whether they will be useful in your tracks is certainly up for debate, but will you want to have a play with them yourselves? The answer is of course, YES!

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can’t seem to find vocalese vst anywhere?

Vocalese as a VST is probably a very tricky bit of software to get working these days as it was part of a package called Pluggo - you can get installers here but they are seriously legacy kit now. They may or may not run on your current OS.

The version of Vocalese I was using is the Max4Live version that you can now get free for Ableton and which runs happily on most modern computers.

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Drop the Gnome!