HTSL 90's Deep House

Been ripping a lot of my old vinyl this week and re-discovered how amazing some of the mid to late 90’s deep vocal House NJ style garage was.

So What are the chances of a tutorial on stuff like:

Robert Owens - Ordinary People

Masters at Work:

Farley & Heller Project:

House of House (2010 granted but still amazing)

+1 for this one.

Ultra Flava takes me back :slight_smile:

yeah Ultra Flava is a tune, it got a bit played out but it’s been long enough that i reckon if you drop it in a set at the right point people will enjoy it again. :slight_smile:

was listening to this today as well:

Roch Motel (more Farley and Heller)

and this:

Maddkatt Courtship - MY LIFE MUZIK