HTSL Congorock

I didn’t find any Tutorials on Youtube or in any other Forums, this would be the chance to be the first! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m speaking about the Main Lead of course, used in his Remix for “One” and “Somebody to Love” as well as his own “Babylon” Track.

I vote yes! Especially his Runark or Rombo sound!

+1, everything in Babylon is so wicked, the percussion, the bass, lead, such a cool and fresh song.

yeah +1 here to that Leads crazy :w00t:

Yeah defo +1 for Congorock and that wonkier/harder edged italian sound.

+1 , love congorock

apparently it’s a preset from Massive called Babylon like the track. Didn’t sound the same but I guess with some tweaking it could be this !

Hope it helps.

Try out and tell me if you get it!