HTSL : Funky Techno --> REWARDED ! <-- (urgent)

Hi mates,

I am a techno producer, with 20 - 25 releases in my discography, and I would like to take another direction in the techno I produce…

If anyone is able to help me to get how to build funky techno tracks (from A to Z, as I am only used to make tribal, dark & banging techno), I would give him a place for his name on my next release! (like a featuring)

Listen to this release to get what I am looking for : (freakman as example)

PHNTM | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos (i love money)

How to build the rythmics (those kicks are great), the bassline, the synth line, what kind of loop to use and how to work on 'em ?

You can answer here or let me a PM, and we can speak about a bigger reward if needed… I am a bit stucked and that would help me a hell lot!

Thank you all!

This is actually a matter of sample manipulation. Using different start points within the sample to make it sound synthesized. You can usually hear a lot more of the sample in the breakdowns of these tracks. For example, they keep repeating the first two notes of the sample over and over, move the start point up by one beat for a variation, throw the sample through reverse, recycle, repeat. Then when you hit the breakdowns, they allow the sample to play a bit longer, which in turn pulls the whole song together keeping it from sounding monotonous. This type of music, which I tend to refer to as “funky filter disco house”, being that the majority of the variations within this music are opening and closing of high/low pass filters, is the root of modern fidget. Take this sound. strip it down to the samples and beats, minimalize the drums. add a wobbly bass, and viola, fidget! Anyhow, I would start by learning a bit about sample manipulation. Also, take note, on LePHNTM’s soundcloud page, you can look at the waveforms, it’s not your typical buildup, breakdown, then blowup. It’s several of these timed all differently with the same samples, but using different fx on each break. Hope this helps! In return, hook us up with where to find your releases! So we can check you out!


Also, those bangin drums are just a matter of serious compression, and layering of drum sounds.


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thank you for your answer! gonna check this out!

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