Grum - Can't Shake This Feeling - YouTube

Here is a video, its the first synth that u hear around…7 seconds, so soft and beautiful sound, anyone got an idea how to make? i have logic btw… but a lot of soft synths have very harsh sounds, and im not really an expert on synths lol… but would appreciate any help!!



yeah it’s lovely stuff, his production has really taken off.

+500 on 80s-influenced-dance tutorial.

Btw, does anybody knows what Grum use for his drums?

Vengeance/Mutekki stuff doesn’t work well in this type of music.

Is it drum machines mixed with acoustic and heavily procecced(tons of 80s reverb, compression etc)?

or maybe he just samples it from the original 80s records…

Yeah exactly 80’s, 80’s, 80’s.

His drums are probably an old Yamaha box or a Linndrum with added reverb and compression.

I’m no expert in sound design.

But that sounds like a synced sawtooth and triangle, or maybe a sin. One of them detuned above the other. Quick attack, farily quick decay and a sustain close to full volume and slight release. Could be using a gate type envelope too.

I’m just throwing stones here, not exactly sure.


for 80’s sound tuturials