HTSL - Haezer

I’m looking to get some sort of sound like in Haezer’s crazy basslines.

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Some good examples are most of the song James Bond, and the drop at 1:36 in his remix of Noize Generation’s get the **** up is insane. Both are on that page.

Any tips would be great :smiley:

+1 YESSSS haezer is the man

i dont know how exactly Haezer gets these rough ***** wooble but i know what he uses!!! he uses a little phatty and a walddorf blofeld for his basslines! he uses reason for reseampling this ****!!! i think it sounds a little bit like a hoover synth!!!

but the best idea is to download some of his remix stems so you can listen to each track!!!

Grtz Luke :smiley: