HTSL Happy Hardcore

Ok i dont care if i get laughed at for this, but im being dead seriouse and i think a tutorial on this would be awesome. I mean were all little chavs at heart arent we? Late nights at Wigan pier/Maximes are surely in everyones history. So i think its time for Phil to put on his McKenzie tracksuite and get cracking on this.

What i like about this music is its so damn catchy and makes you feel good. Dont we all need to feel a little happy these days with all the **** going down in the world? It would also be nice for SA to cater to the harder styles as basically theres only the hard dance series which was like a year ago…

Not all this music has to be cheesy, and if your gonna be a hater then dont because the fact of the matter is, this music fills Arenas in the UK and gets high in the mainstream chart, so get of your high niche im too cool for this horse and pop a few E’s and post some clips. Lets make it happen.


Im sure everyone at one point liked this stuff and i think it should bring everyone some happy memories…

u can f.u.c.k right off with this one mate.

P.S. this is not a joke!


Wayne listen to some of the breaks in the clips I posted, very trancy im sure everyone could learn something…

lol I’m just kiddin mate but its not for me. to old for happy hardcore

lol wayne i could really imagine you tho shaved head and in a tracksuite bottling some guy, begby style lol…

and i have to add this is the worst genre i heard in my life . I heard a song like 3 years ago. Total disaster , any chance there are more than 2-3 people listening to this genre?

Ah come on… everyone loves a bit of Happy Hardcore now and again.

I was going to raves back in the day where H/Hardcore DJs played along side Drum & Bass DJs, no one batted an eyelid.

Seriously going from DJ SS to Dougal was great.

Bog im guessing more than two people listen to this as this typa music sells oit arenas in the UK… If you dont like it dont post here we dont want your negativity this place is all about the happy vibes. Also instead of worrying if your gonna be considered cool for listening to a certain style of music mabey its an idea to base your oppinions on your ears and if you actually like something. This is all psychological, for example say you buy a single and you love it and think its amazing and play it on repeat 50 times but then 100 people tell you its **** and laugh at you for liking it… Are you still going to like it?

i was just expressing a personal opinion , the thing is i’ve seen this genre of music killing parties so maybe i’m not the only one that thinks this. I don’t think the genre sells and i don’t care if people like what i listen to or not , i was just thinking that this genre doesn’t deserve the attention of a full-on tutorial , there are many more interesting things like a tutorial on how to watch tv properly , yeah definitely worth more than this. I just say that this is outdated , maybe i would’ve liked this if i was born 20 years earlier as bangthedj stated :“back in the day” . I’m not from those days , And i have never stated that it bothers me that you listen to this or anyone does , i was just wondering if anyone would torture his mp3 player with this . Maybe i have a different understanding then you regarding happy vibes , i would choose bob marley even though i don’t listen to his music either :slight_smile:

So good luck with your happy hardcore streak , it won’t take more than 30 minutes before you get bored heh.

I think these people strongly disagree with your oppinion,

another great track from that era.. Pengo was the bomb that time with great releases..

Another "gabberklapper" i'm getting in the mood for this stuff again.. i might just grab my 1200 and dj a nice set tomorrow :)

Why not go the whole hog:


Haha great tracks, I need to post some Paul Elstak vids…

There’s a ton of HHC that has some seriously epic\cheesy melodies and arpeggios. It’d be a great tut! Even if you don’t like the genre as a whole it’d be a shame not to learn from what this arguably hyper-niched style has to offer.