HTSL Histrings/Pads in -Need to Feel Loved (Adam K Remix)

- YouTube

any ideas of how t make it on sylenth? bass is easy bu i just love the pad

And What A SUmmer Tune I mite Add :slight_smile:

[quote]And What A SUmmer Tune I mite Add[/quote]

All year round tune in my book :slight_smile:

Few cans on the Beach;)

[quote]deanmau5 (16/07/2010)[hr]Few cans on the Beach;)[/quote]

…with Delline Bass would make my summer :wink:

First post… yayyyyy

I love this choon. one of my favourites… if this does get done would love to know how they get that kick and bass on the choon so deep without it bein muddy… proper shook my headphones first time I heard it… CHOON!!!

just EQing isn’t it? hi pass filter at the start with an offbeat bass… just dont understand how to get the pad sound ive no idea how to make it on sylenth any ideas?