HTSL Jochen Miller?

hey i love the synth he uses and sounds like a lot of distortion or something:S i’d love to no how to make it and the layout on the keybord:)

something like this…

- YouTube

- YouTube

he always has similar sounds and its amazing!!!

please reply if u agreee!!!

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I have to admit I really dig alot of the new trance distortion.

I would also love a htsl on this type of trance, eg Jochen miller, Marcel woods, Ummet Ozcan

Seems to me alot of these tracks have a nice rolling bass coming up to the break, a big distroted square lead & then if it doesn’t return to the square lead & beat added, they will stop the lead altogether & play a big distorted saw.


Jochem Millers tracks are really good,I would love a tutorial on How to sound like Marcus schossow using cubase,Would also love a How to sound like Joint operations centre as John o,callaghans productions under that guise are MASSIVE :slight_smile:

yeh sounds good// bita bryan kearney maybe?

id love to see how Marcel Woods - Lemon Tree is made:O

+100 on this one.

I think we need a more up to date Trance tutorial here on Sonic Academy :slight_smile:

Please guys?

[quote]chriscorrigan (05/05/2010)[hr]+100 on this one.

I think we need a more up todate Trance tutorial here on Sonic Academy :slight_smile:

Please guys?[/quote]

dito !:cool: