HTSL Michael Cassette

Messing around with saw waves and white noize to get something pretty close to his sick bass but not the same… Real sharp and attacky, great hook for any track… Make a tutorial on this please… Pretty please? :slight_smile:




this is the Michael Cassette tribute track, Sampled his drums and toms :smiley:

great music:

clph3R - Synthoetic (Amended Version) by d-aRe

how did you do the bassline? :slight_smile:

Hey man,

I got the bass by doing the following:

3 x OSC’s

OSC 1 = SAW -12

OSC 2 = SAW -11.90 (-12 but detuned +10 cents)

OSC 3 = SAW =0.10 (flat but detuned -10 cents)


A = 0

D = 75

S = 100

R = 25


CUTOFF = 0 (all the way down) and maybe a touch of resonance if you want.


A = 10

D = 40 (or to taste)

S = 0

R = 100

Send amount = 100 (or a little less if you think its too bright)

Unison (4 voices min) and maybe a touch of chorus, and you should be there.

It won’t matter which synth you use as this can be done on practically any! Once I’d got the main patch above I duplicated it twice did a low cut to remove the bottom end and then panned one to the left and the other to the right, this gave it a more stereo sounding bass feel. Then I resampled my main bass but 1octave lower to give it the grit and subby-ness. It was all in all a big sounding bass used as more of a hook that I used multiple patchs of the same sound at lower/higher octaves and spread left and right.

Hope this helps…


i find using a fourth oscillator with a tiny bit of white noise really good for these basses. it gives the bass more attack with the filter closed and makes it bright when its open.

something you can tell is done on Michael’s remix of super8 & Tabs helsinki scorchin.

well done with the production matey, sounding great:)

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