HTSL Miles Dyson. Going to attempt it myself

Inspired by Sonic Academy HTSL tuts and the recent Prodigy remake (absolutely genius), I’ve decided I’m going and tear apart one of my favorite producer’s (miles Dyson) tracks and have a go at er.

The one I selected was ‘Anthem.’ This track is one of his more simple cuts so I thought it would be a good one to start with. Especially since the last time I tried this, I lost a girlfriend, a kitten and a bunch of hair

To preface this, I’m not going to recreate every single sound and every detail of the arrangement. I’m just trying to capture what he does sonically - pre-mastering of course (I know his mastering is a BIG part of how he gets his sound). I think his sound is one of the best of all electro. It’s big, rich, warm and fat… a lot like my aunt.

Here’s the track I’m going to tinker with.

Wish me luck fellow cadets.

Ok, two days later and this was not easy.

The first one is the original and the second one my remake.

The intro part and the stab is the original sample but the other parts I’ve created myself. I actually found the wa wa sound in the Vengeance Electro pack. Pretty cool that I ran across it.

Not the same i know, but worth the exercise. Let me know what you guys think. I had a hard time with creating the doppler effect using Sylenth so I settled for what I put in there instead. Any feedback is welcome.


Wicked track. What are you using for the bassline at 3:40? Synth, processing etc etc?


That’s pretty damn spot on! Good work, lad!


Thanks guys. This was a really interesting exercise. Let me tell you, the side chaining sound on the stabs was NOT as easy as I originally thought. He doesn’t use a straightforward side chain on his instruments. I tried tossing every side chaining compressor I have (and I have a ton) on the stab with a verb right before in the chain and I could never get it to sound right. Then, while I was trying to fall asleep, an idea hit me. I would instead throw a hall verb (i used the Universal Audio Dream Verb) on a return track, side chain compress it, and then mix it back into the original stab ( I still side chain the stab itself). This cleared up the mix a ton and what I loved the most about was that it gave me a lot more control. very worthy exercise.

@nellycrock I used two (saw) patches from the sylenth on the bass. I cut off the high frequencies on the first one and the lows on the second. I then used a custom GTR patch as an insert to get a bit of dirt on the mid to highs of the second. I mixed those two together, compressed and side chained them with a standard Abelton compressor and the glued the whole thing together with my Fairchild from UA. Love that thing… if only Ableton would allow side chaining with it, I’d completely make the switch from Logic.