HTSL mnml!

OK! I know that this is the week that the mnml tutorial is supposed to come out. There is also supposed to be epic surf later on this week hitting Southern California! I need to know what day the mnml tutorial is coming out so I can plan what days I’m going surfing. This is my absolute last week off before I start my new job! Throw me a bone! Lemme know what day!!! THANKS!


Surfing??? I would surf, but I tend to sink. :frowning:

Quickly everyone at SA!!! Stop what your doing and finish the minimal tutoirial asap so this fella can organise his days for surfing. God help us all if he misses a good swell!! :slight_smile:

Id say it will be done when its done mate.

it’s already done, mate. it’s a matter of what day they release it. it was done last week. if you read the other posts, they’re supposed to be coming out with a schedule of releases for us asap. did you ever figure out yet that WoNK is a girl?


that was a real question btw. not a shot at you…

Raymond :wink:

edit: this is what happens when you get on the computer before waking all the way up. you answer two posts at once! :smiley:

Th penny has just dropped :smiley:

I won’t lie, I’ve been craving this minimal tutorial since I got on SA. The minimal house tutorial that was on here in the beginning of all this was what drew me to SA! It seems like such a simple genre, but is anything but that. I almost considered doing that PointBlank Online stuff, but heard that it was so so. I don’t pay $400 USD for so so!!! :smiley: When I can pay $90 USD for HELL YEAH!


Feed me Seymore! I need me minimal!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Come on SA! 48hrs and no response?!?! Throw me a bone! I just want some info!

Raymond :cool::D:cool:

Just shoot them a private message bro!

I was hoping that it could be answered here for everyone! :smiley:


i’m really really looking forward to this one aswell!! :smiley:

Copy/Paste works for me…

Don’t worry, I sent them a msg. Still no response… We shall see!


Well lot, I sent them a PM on Monday that got read, but I never got a response… Obviously they either like to keep us on our toes or didn’t have an answer. Wish I could have at least got an “We’re not sure yet”. None the less, if it is coming out this week as planned, it has to be today or tomorrow!




minimal tutorial? Sweet!

Lookin like next week according to Bry, tech tip this week though.


any news regarding the release?

[quote]avesta (7/28/2009)[hr]any news regarding the release?[/quote]


seek and ye shall find