Htsl proper electro not electro house

I’ll throw it In there but don’t expect it to happen

it would be good to do a tut on electro dave Clarke style

isn’t dave clack techno?

when i think electro, i think Boys Noize, SebAstian,Mr Oizo.

Indeed, dave clarke is a techno dj/producer not electro…

Although some of his remixes are tending towards old school electro.

But overall yeah techno :slight_smile:

no dave clarke is as much a electro dj, producer, remixer as techno

listen to world service 1 and 2 and electro boogie

i wouldnt class boyz noise as electro, i would say the hacker, anthony rother etc

It’s all relative, one persons house is another persons techno.

do you mean the sort of stuff that was around in the 80’s and early 90’s? i have to admit that i know very little about “Electro”

Electro. Like Electro breaks, but the hard techno sounding stuff. Dave Clarke is far more an electro dj than a techno dj. Electro is different from Electro House, just only a few ppl play REAL electro any more so they have just deemed the house version. Electro. Afrika Bambaataa is a good electro reference from the past. FYI, Dave Clarke even does a radio show from Amsterdam called “white noise” that is nothing but hard electro breaks. Yes Jon, 80’s ish stuff, but with a hard techno influence. Also DJ Spinx from Israel on the Buffalo Records label is a good one to reference for this stuff. I’ll get a link and post for the orig poster.


WTF? Now everything I find of his is labeled Chicago House!!! Maybe I spoke too soon. But I deffo know what you mean by “electro”…


I think to clear this up once and for all.

The Electro that is being talked about originated in the 80’s most of the music came out on albums called street sounds Electro these ranged from Electro 1 to something line Electro Crucial.

For me these Electro sounds were the early break dance records of the time they included some jems as al-nafiysh, Lee scratch perry,Newlcleus, captain Rock, Tyrone Brunson.

for any body not familiar with this sort of music take a listen you wont be dissaponted.

Think that clears it up :slight_smile:

How you going to bring up “proper” electro and not mention The one and only Eqyptian Lover!

And apparently he’s still at it… dropped this in 2008.


yeah good point - thanks for the video post. Not heard that in a long while certainly not since i was carrying my roll of kitchen flooring to back spin on anway lol!!

Too many to metion really - the whole Electro series of albums are awesome tho.


‘proper’ electro makes me smile :)  I wanna put on a baggy shellsuit and body-pop :smiley:

[quote]seandevoy (11/4/2009)[hr]‘proper’ electro makes me smile :)  I wanna put on a baggy shellsuit and body-pop :D[/quote]

P.M.L :hehe:

Electroatic that’s the **** I mean, dave Clarke might be on a harder tip than that but

those style of beats and blips

Dave Clarke - Atomic Nation - YouTube

Radiohead idioteque (dave clarke electro mix) - YouTube

Knights of Bass - Renegades (1998) - YouTube

a few different examples