HTSL Requests - Simon Posford OR Mainstream DnB


first time poster here and I’ve been paying for this subscription for donkeys but only just really able to put the hours in and learn my way around ableton! HAPPY TO BE HERE!


There are a few sounds that aren’t really covered by any tutorials that I would love to see put into some videos (for ableton!)

First off:

Psychadelic sounds! It’s a small genre but some of the more psychadelic sounds are really quite hard to plan when it comes to getting them into a track!

Take the production of Simon Posford for instance, he has a very ranged array of psychadelic techniques that I would love to know how to pull off!

Take this song Shpongolese Spoken Here There are a number of sounds that seem to be reused and then transform into other sounds. Maybe this style of production could be incorporated into a psytrance tutorial? Along with covering some of the techniques Infected Mushroom use and other mainstream psytrance producers.


To back-up with the post recently regarding DnB! There are many artists producing very organic sounds in drum and bass. I’m a particular fan of Spor, Teebee, Logistics, State of mind, Matrix and futurebound and Sub Focus’ production! So if these styles could be incorporated into an Ableton tutorial I would be very grateful! An example of the sound I’m talking about might be State of mind - All mixed up As this seem to use the same organic bass-line but in a number of ways!



Like the second track you posted there . I’m a big fan of techstep but didn’t know about that one. For me it sounds like a good idea. +1