HTSL Soulwax & Felguk (Electro/Indie-Dance) This stuff sounds good!

Hey :smiley:

Few sounds I’d love to know how to create;

1st of all, Soulwax’s Krack Bassline. Go to 0.50, turn it up, and wait for the drop :wink:

Soulwax-KracK - YouTube

2nd, Felguk - Do you like bass? (2.55) The really unique synth that comes up.


thx [=

love felguk. huge fan of their stuff.

lot of those sounds are square waves. with pitch bends & modulation done in the synth.

honestly, i couldnt tell you how to make “do you like bass”…

but try a double square wave modulate the sound a bit, compress, low attack/decay, some verb on it, eq, maby a little more compression… and then play with some patterns.

make sure to do a little pitch bend automation to the envelope in your midi. you’ll hear it.

i did this accidentally the other day and re-created a similar sound in one of felguk’s songs. square + different sub osciallator can give you cool results 4 sure!

Love me some Felguk :)!

I’d love to see them live, saw some vids, they look amazing out.

Thanks, I’ll try this [=

I saw them in NYC in like november maby? they blew the freaking roof off @ webster hall.

aw I’d love to see them :).

[quote]KiLLTHEFiASCO (27/05/2011)[hr]aw I’d love to see them :).[/quote]

I already said that haha :')